March 28, 2008

Watch This!!!

Khlyst - CMJ

Runhild Gammelsaeter the voice of Thorr's Hammer and James Plotkin formed the band in 2006. Sound is like "nothing" at all...some free-formed jazz to death/doom stuff.If you have heard of Earth so you know what drone is...! Check out this beatiful album called "Chaos is my Name"

March 10, 2008


Well, been working out on a thing to write down, then i found out! "what is better than a classic (must have/see/hear)? "So i am gonna introduce you an album from very special (and underrated) band; Gentle Giant from U.K.

The band was a seed of Shulman brothers and their friends, line up(most known) is;

Gary Green
Kerry Minnear
Malcolm Mortimore
Derek Shulman
Phil Shulman
Ray Shulman
Martin Smith
John Weathers

It is not easy to describe their duties on the band except Martin Smithand and Malcolm Mortimore cause they were just drummers. (also percussions) Multi-instrumentalist members and of course multinstrumental tracks, multi-singers or just multiple ultimate rock band in the history of music! Octopus album released in '72 and Octopus is actually shortened of "Octo Opus" (which also means eight musical works), invented by Phil Shulman's wife Roberta. Sound is basicly like any progressive band in '70s but i know you say "where is the difference then?

Let me write down the instruments they used "just" for this release; (Beside drums, percussions, guitar, keyboard and bass guitar)

Moog (an old synthsizer)
Alto saxophone
Bass violin

Great a capela opens up "The Advent of Panurge" (catch the words) and becomes an ultimate complexity right on... So with the first track (a slap right on your face) they say "look at my friend!". More symphonic "Raconteur, Troubadour" continues with the heaviest song "A cry for everyone" , confusing mix of keyboard, guitars and bass... synths are wonderful but unfortunately (just like this one) songs are damn short (34 minutes total). And mighty "Knots" knocks the door... An a capela with awesome xylophone and violin cords! In progress there is a spooky synth (which i adore) and also a solo xylophone part just before that!

Well i dont want to criticise al lor explain the whole album, you can find it out here; GentleOctopus which is a hilarious site that includes anything related with prog stuff!


March 07, 2008


Hello and welcome to my headquarters;

I know it is not a nice subject to introduce myself as an amatuer player but i think it is quite important for us the musicians…

In rehearsals, you better use ‘em because it is very painful after those high-pitched noieses just like crash cymbal, snare etc. Also it is much like listining to “your own” track inside!

Altough it is great to feel free listining to your music by yourself, on the road, (way to anywhere)noise in your ear prevents other emergent noises (like horns) and your pleasure becomes your curse! So be careful and use sidewalks…

Furthermore did you ever listen to “silence”?! Of course not a proper one…but it feels good to live “noise-free”, just hearing your breat, foot steps and gentle breeze in your face…